Votes Needed, Whether Yes or No, for Community Declaration Update (Votes Received: 36 of 173)


Voting on the revised community Declaration continues. A 75 percent (130 votes) approval rate is needed in order for the Declaration to pass, or, if 25 percent (44 votes) of homeowners vote no, the Declaration will not pass, and further revisions can then be considered. Therefore, all homeowners are encouraged to vote, whether yes or no, ASAP.

Please review the Declaration & Bylaw Packet, available at, and submit a completed ballot, available as the second-to-last page of the packet, via mail, fax or email. FYI, the revised community Bylaws portion of the packet has already passed.

  • Mailing Address: David Crone, c/o Cardinal Management Group, 4330 Prince William Parkway, Suite 201, Woodbridge, VA 22192
  • Fax: David Crone at (703) 866-3156
  • Email: David Crone at

Not sure whether you’ve already voted? Email David Crone at and copy the Board of Directors at so that the voting records can be checked.