Snow and Ice and Trees Oh My….

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tree downPlease use caution getting out and about and when walking your dogs today.  Do not walk under trees as the branches continue to come down.  Please report community downed trees or other issues to directly or use the Contact Us form.  Kathy will try to keep up with emails, but this will continue at least through today so please be patient.

Update: Cardinal has been through and assessed the damage from the storm. A tree service has been contacted and will be onsite to remove downed trees and large branches. They will assess other damage and take appropriate action. This will take place as soon as possible, but probably not as soon as we’d like. The safety of the workers is of paramount importance.

You may have also noticed the snow plows came through and removed what they could off our community streets.  If you were wondering they remove snow and ice when the amount is 3″ or above.

Here also are some guidance as well from Cardinal Property Management.

Snow damage Tips and what is your Tree responsibility