Reminder: Annual Inspections Scheduled for April 26-28

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC), in conjunction with Cardinal Management Group, is planning to conduct annual inspections April 26-28, weather permitting. Among all other aspects outlined in the Community Association Handbook, the ARC will be checking to make sure homeowners are upholding the yard maintenance guidelines, so please be sure you are in compliance.

Please note that each homeowner who receives a notification of issues/violations will be required to respond to the notification. The process for responding will be detailed in the notification letters sent out by Cardinal Management Group. Failure to respond will result in an automatic second notice.

If you receive a violation notice and have questions, or do not agree with the notice, please contact the ARC at The community’s exterior requirements are fairly complex, and mistakes can be made. The ARC is always available to help, so don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or suggestions.

Thinking about beautifying your yard or the exterior of your home? An Application for Exterior Modification is available for download, and all homeowners MUST submit one for approval before making any alterations to landscaping, windows, doorknobs/knockers, outdoor lighting, paint and all other aspects outlined in the Community Association Handbook (pgs. 12-30). Failure to do so can result in avoidable time and expense if your modification does not satisfy HOA requirements.

Thank you for your cooperation!