Community Leaf Removal Policy

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As residents get their yards ready for winter, the board would like to clarify that community leaf removal is for the common areas only. Residents are asked to avoid placing leaves from their private property in the common area, as this is not a part of our cleanup contract with Spruce Up, our landscaping company. The Community Association Handbook (pg. 10) also states that residents are to avoid placing leaves and other yard debris in the common area.

We understand that in the past, WoodLynne residents had been told that they could rake their leaves into the common area. However, the current board is being advised by management that our landscaper’s contract does not include this service, and that we have never actually had an official contract for this service. Also, our community guidelines prohibit this action.

Therefore, residents are asked to please take responsibility for their own leaves, and dispose of them per American Disposal Services’ yard debris guidelines. Thanks for your cooperation, and please email the board at with any questions or concerns.