ByLaws Review committee being formed

At the board meeting on 4/21/2014, a concern about one provision in our ByLaws was raised.  The governing documents for our community were written when the community was built (1977-1980) and have not been revised or updated since then.  Your board feels that this is the appropriate time to review the documents and bring them into compliance with current Virginia laws and statutes governing homeowners associations.

A committee is being formed to address this issue.  We would like to have 5 homeowners, including one board member, volunteer to address this issue.  They will work with our attorneys and management company, Cardinal Management Group, to review and make recommendations for updating these documents.  A vote by the homeowners will be called at either a town hall meeting or a special meeting to have the membership ratify the changes.

Please contact the board or David Crone at Cardinal Management if you are interested is being a part of this process.  The board may be reached by calling a board member (our numbers are on the newsletter),  by our email at, or by calling David Crone at 703-565-5010.