Tree planting

Tree planting will take place on New London Park on Saturday, December 20.  The remainder of the tree planting will take place when light repairs are completed on Colony View @ Latney. Kathy Cummings

America Recycles Day November 15th!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Exploring the 3 Rs to ensure we all celebrate this environmental holiday to it’s fullest potential!

We’ve all heard the environmental trifecta of the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…but do you know what they really mean? Furthermore, did you know they are listed in order of importance?

The choice to be environmentally aware is a lifestyle, and cannot be attained by simply recycling alone (or reducing or reusing for that matter); none of these steps work as well alone, as they do together.

In honor of American Recycles Day on November 15th, this month’s  E-Newsletter will break down what each of the three Rs mean, as well as a few tips you can easily take to become more environmentally well rounded, and reduce your footprint and overall waste in the process!

The Three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce: This means exactly what it sounds like. Reduce the overall products we purchase, which eventually turn into waste.

Keeping an exact shopping list of only items you NEED will help you to avoid impulse buys at the grocery store, as well as force you to keep track of the sheer number of goods you are purchasing.

Try to buy only what you know you need. Worst case scenario; you might have to take another trip to the store a bit sooner than you thought. However the vast majority of Americans buy FAR more than they need. Look at an average pantry, I’ll bet it is stocked up with items no one is eating for dinner, they are simply there, waiting to be turned to waste.

This concept can be applied to clothing, accessories and “knick knack” items as well. Try to think before EVERY purchase, “Do I REALLY need this? Or will it end up in a corner for years, only to be eventually thrown out?”….which leads me to our next R…

Reuse: This means, re-use items as many times as possible, or indefinitely. Regardless of if they were meant to be used (or reused) the way you decide to utilize them.

Obviously, we urge you to take advantage of the reusable items we hear about most, (such refillable glass containers and  reusable shopping bags). But what about, say, old tee-shirts?

Could that be a car shammy? A dust rag?

Instead of driving to the store and PURCHASING a shammy or duster, why not REUSE the tee-shirt you never wore instead of adding another item to your life. You will save money on gas, as well as emissions your car emits driving to the store…not to mention the emissions caused by the trucks that deliver those shammys, or the air pollution put out by the factory that makes them.

Imagine if we all reused just a few items, instead of buying them…the environmental possibilities are inspiring!


It is important to note, when you are out shopping (for ONLY what you need, with your re-useable bag) keep an eye out for recyclable items and packaging. This ensures that whatever waste you DO produce, can be recycled and will not end up in a landfill. By doing this you are even closer to producing zero waste, and it truly closes the loop on the three Rs.

The goal of zero waste and a reduced footprint starts with Reducing (buying ONLY what you need), continues by Reusing those products you DID buy and finally, Recycling the end products of items, or those that CANT be re-used and end up at the curb.

If you can incorporate the three Rs and these simple tips into your daily life, you will be one step closer to the goal of zero waste and certainly better-rounded in your environmental efforts.

Happy America Recycles Day!

Leaf Pickup Nov 7th!

Leaves will be picked up on November 7, 2014, when Environmental Enhancements will be on the property to perform other general maintenance. This is in addition to the scheduled pick ups prior to Thanksgiving and Christmas. On those pick ups, homeowners are encouraged to blow their leaves onto common property for pick up.

Specific days for the scheduled pickups later in November and December will be published closer to the actual dates since all landscaping work is done “weather permitting.”

Public Hearing on Burke Junction (Young Property) Thursday night at 8:15

Hearings before the Planning Commission begin at 8:15 pm.  The schedule for each evening’s hearings is set by the Commission at the start of that meeting. Requests to speak before the Planning Commission must be submitted prior to 3:00 P.M. on the day of the public hearing to insure your place on the pre-registered speaker’s list. You may register online at or call (703)324-2865. Individuals representing groups will have 10 minutes.  Individuals will have 5 minutes.  If you just show up to speak that night, you get 3 minutes after registered speakers have completed their testimony.
If you wish to submit written testimony directly to Commissioner Hurley for the formal record on this case in lieu of speaking in person, you can send correspondence to her atBraddockplanning@gmail.comTestimony that goes simultaneously to all the Commissioners through the Planning Commission Office can be sent to:  and reflecting the number of the case: RZ/FDP 2014-BR-009This link will also take you to the staff report if you need to refer to it for any portion of your comments.
Thank you for your participation in this important rezoning.
Rosemary Ryan
Senior Legislative Aide
Braddock District Supervisor
Direct: 703-425-4048