Draft By Laws

Copies of the draft of the revised By laws will be available at the community meeting tonight 9/21/2015 at Bonnie Brea.


Hard copies of the draft of the by laws were available at the meeting tonight 9/21/2015. The October 19, 2015, meeting which will be held in a town hall forum will also have copies available. Discussion of the changes will take place at that meeting and the board will try to answer any questions that might arise. The board’s attorney will also be present to answer any legal questions. The actual vote to approve/disapprove the changes will take place at the annual meeting which will be held in January. Please stop by the meeting in October and pick up a copy of the changes to the by laws so you will have time to read them before the vote in January. 

Notice: Cheshire Meadows Paving 22-25 September

Attached is an electronic copy of the flyerCheshire Meadows Paving Notice - 9-2015 that went out to all units and roads effected.

Trash pickup on Cheshire Meadows will still occur as well on Tuesday since the truck can drive on the part that has only been milled.

Update from Kathy:

Due to the repaving on Cheshire Meadows, trash pick up for the entire community will be early on September 25, 2015.  Please ensure your trash is placed for pick up by 6:00 a.m.

Dog Stations

Note from Kathy Cummings:  In response to the comments that have been circulating regarding the dog stations.
The dog stations are emptied on a regular basis, twice a week.  Marc makes sure they are emptied on Monday for trash pick up on Tuesday and Thursday for trash pick up on Friday.  Marc is not a volunteer, he is paid for trash pick up, light repair, and emptying the dog stations.  During his rounds for trash and lights, he is watchful for things that may need attention such as the gate, lights that are out or broken, and vandalism.  Marc’s contract stipulates he empty the stations on Mondays and Thursdays and he fulfills the duties spelled out in his contract.
Please be aware that although WoodLynne paid for the stations and maintains them, neighbors from other communities use them along with WoodLynne homeowners.  They do become over full and smelly, especially in the warm months.  If you are a homeowner/resident of WoodLynne and use the stations, please rethink leaving your dog’s waste at the stations if it is full.  Do not overfill the can or leave the waste on the ground.  Take it with you and put it with your own trash for pick up.

July Community Update

Note that the location for the July meeting has changed to Cardinal Forest Pool House.  The calendar has been updated to reflect this change as well.

WoodLynne HOA Meeting
July 20, 7:00 p.m.
Cardinal Forest pool house
5900 Prince James Court,
Springfield, VA